Frequently Asked Questions

Order questions

When will my order be shipped?

When your order has been shipped, you will recieve a tracking number in your email. We email each customer personally to let them know that their order is on the way.

When will my order be ready?

Plain racks can take a minimum of two weeks to ship out to you (3-4 weeks during holiday seasons). If we have the item in stock at the time you placed your order, we will send it out the week that you placed your order.

Since we are a custom shop, an item may say "in-stock" but we may have literally sold and/or shipped that item. We ship orders out the way that they come in.
Custom racks have a minimum of six to eight weeks turn-around during normal business conditions. During holidays, the turn-around time can be as much as eight to ten weeks. This turn-around time expectation is only AFTER the design has been approved. At Orange Boxx Fabrications, we strive to get orders out as quickly as possible, but sometimes the process may take a little bit longer such as weather conditions, large orders, custom colors etc.

How do I get my order put ahead of everyone else?

Orange Boxx Fabrication is a small family owned business. If you need your order before our estimated processing times, we will be glad to put a rush on your order for a fee. Fee is determined on what you have ordered. Please contact us if you need your order rushed.

Why have I not received an email with an update for my order?

Orange Boxx Fabrication is a small family owned business. In order to keep our costs down, we do not have staff on hand to answer emails when they come in or send out update emails.

If you would like to get an update, we will happily let you know but be advised that we will not be able to respond to you if you inquire before our minimum processing time unless you are inquiring about paying for a rush fee.

If your inquiry is after our minimum time, we will do our absolute best to send you an email regarding the status of your order.
Thank you for understanding!

My vehicle is not listed on your site?

If you do not see your vehicle listed on our site, please reach out to us at We are constantly working on expanding our list of vehicles to put our racks in. In order for us to add a vehicle to our list, we need test vehicles that will come to our shop so that we can work with the vehicle in order to create the parts needed and a big enough crowd that is interested in purchasing that rack.

What are the push “buttons” for the fold down racks?

The "buttons" are the mechanisms that are used to open and close the fold down racks. We like them because they are easy to use and make for a clean looking product. We have them in four different colors that customers can choose from. If any of the buttons should fail, they are covered under warranty. If you have a button that has failed, please contact our Customer Service to inquire about getting a replacement at When you make a warranty claim, the new button will be mailed to you with a return lable so that the non-functional button can be returned. If the non-functional button is not returned, and invoice will be sent to you and you will be charged for the replacement cost of the button.

Dead Pedal Warranty

Dead Pedals carry a lifetime warranty. If you sell your FJ or 4th Generation Toyota, the warranty will be honored for the new owner. If you happen the break your dead pedal, please contact us. When you contact us, please let us know what happened to it and how it broke; we like to know so we can improve our product. In return, we will send you a new dead pedal; a RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) will be issued to you.

We stand behind our products and want our customers to be happy.

What in the hell is a PSD?

PSD is short for "Personal Storage Device." These products are designed to carry miscellaneous gear. Having PSD's allows you to access your gear quickly. PSD's have oval holes in them to allow for placement of any NATO designed Molle bags on our rack systems as well as having a place to store FIST mounted gear. Our products are one of a kind and top-notch. If you are looked for performance, custom systems, our company is who you want to talk to! If you do not see your vehicle listed on our website, please let us know, we are always looking to expand the vehicles we can put our product into. We will be happy to design the right one for you using our custom design network.

Why should I sign up to the site?

Signing up to our website gets you rewards!! By signing up, you get coupons that are made for your specific order. Simply sign-up, sign-in and get rewarded on the members page. It's really that easy! If you allow us to send you promos to your email. This brings you into the Cool KIds Club. Yes by signing up it gets you in the club. But allowing us to send emails to you that action is another 5% on top of any coupon we are running. The Next purchase you could be at 25% off your order depending on coupon code you enter at checkout. Aside from getting rewarded to shop Orange Boxx, you will get updates about your current order. You can login to check the status of your order with your order number.

What are the Terms and Conditions I am agreeing to?

Our Tems and conditions.

My order says in processing.

​We ship out orders in the order they come in. We do not skip around on our queue schedule ​to get other orders out faster. Just because it says that it is in stock does not mean that it will ship the next day. Stock means everything is here at the company to put your order together. We do not keep all colors on hand to ship out. Even in black. We have very limited space to store our PSD's So they are in raw condition on the shelf. We will not send an email to you to tell you where your order is in processing. There is a minimum of a 2 week processing time once you have made your order. If you ordered a custom color the lead times are listed here If you have a custom cut order the lead times are 4 to 8 weeks. If you ordered a fold down the lead time is 10 to 13 weeks.

How do I redeem my coupon code?

Note: You can only use ONE coupon at a time. If you are a memeber of the cool kids club. Log in and you will recieve your extra discount automaticly.

Where is my instruction LINK?

The link will not come from Orange Boxx Fabfication. It comes from ( Where is says new order then order number. That is your link to tag in your email. If you did not make a my account on the page you will be asked for a sign in link to be sent to your email. Once you have that link you can see all your orders on that page. You have 1000 days from your order date to download any instructions. This way you can never misplace them.

Referral Program

Why should I play this referral game?

In this Cool Kids Club program you get 5% more from any coupons that are active on the site. Theis 5% you do not have to enter any coupons for. But this 5% happens on your next order.

How do I get points?

Your order gives you points. By signing up to the website it gives you the 5%we started with. Then ontop o that you get 100 points. 25 Points for your birthday info and other information you are willing to fill out. Your purchase gives you points for ever 1.00 dollar spent you get a point. Spend $5.00 get 5 points.

What do I get for my points?

  • At 300 points you will get $15 off coupon sent to you by email.
  • At 500 points you will get $25 off coupon sent to you by email. You must spend at least 100.00 for this coupon to work.
  • At 750 points you can get .Free shipping off orders of $400.00 min. Up to 200.00 in shipping cost.
  • At 1000 points you will get $75 off coupon sent to you by email. You must spend at least 150.00 for this coupon to work.
We are adding more rewards as time goes by.

My questions are still not answered

Please contact customer service. at



Like so many other companies the status of the world has of course affected us. YES we are still up and running and have no intentions of stopping. But due to things our normally small crew of workers has drastically depleted due to many different reasons. We currently are down to only 2 people working on a regular basis. We are shipping out orders as fast as we can but we are limited by the hours in the day of what we can get done. So to help us spend more time in the shop shipping out orders we are asking our customers to do us a favor. When you make your order you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and details of your order. In this confirmation email you will get the download links for your instructions. Download them. The next email you receive (excluding emails about custom orders) will be with a tracking number. Nothing else will happen between those two emails other than our busy bees working on getting things done. If you still feel the need to get an update we ask you EMAIL us at or . Please understand that paying for 2 day shipping is not paying for faster processing time. That extra money goes straight to the shipping company. We send out orders in the way they come in trying our best not to put someone in front of someone else just because they email us every other day for a status update. Most important we hope that everyone stays safe on.. and off the trails.

Damage package or missing items

I received my item and the package was damaged and/or I am missing part of my kit?

If you received your package and it was damaged and/or part of your kit is missing, First we would like to apologize for this inconvenience. We try our best to package each order safely but we are human and so are the delivery drivers. We REQUIRE photos of all packages in order to process any damages or missing items. Without the photos a claim can not be made. MISSING ITEMS 1. We will need photos of the package and photos of the kit to see what you did get and what is missing. 2. Depending on what those photos tell us it will go one of two ways. If the fault is on Orange Boxx we will gladly send out any missing items via USPS. If the package was damaged through the fault of the shipping company there is a different process. 3. If the fault is outside of our control you will have to contact the shipping company and file a claim for the missing part of your order. We will let you know the cost of the kit plus the extra shipping to send it to you so that you know what to tell the company in order to get that money back from them. We can wait to bill you until after you hear back from them or we can do that before. We leave that up to you. Once that is paid we will send out the missing items. DAMAGED ITEMS 1. We will need photos of the package and photos of the item to see the damage. 2. You will have to fill a claim with the shipping company to reimburse the cost of either repairing or replacing the damaged product. We will let you know the cost of the repair or replacement plus the extra shipping to send it to you so that you know what to tell the company in order to get that money back from them. We can wait to bill you until after you hear back from them or we can do that before. We leave that up to you. Once that is paid we can proceed. All damaged products due to the shipping company is out of our control and will do the best we can to help you with making your claim with the shipping company. Email with the photos and order number to get going for either missing or damaged orders.


What is the warranty of your products?

Defective -Warranty In the event that an item is defective, a RMA (Return Authorization Agreement) must be granted prior to return. Any product that has been altered or deemed to be defective due to installation error will not be granted an authorization for return. Areas excluded: Powder coating, bolts, or any product that has been altered. To request a return authorization, please email In order for us to process your request, please include photos and/or video of the defective product including the area that is defective as well as the front product label and the top of the box and shipping label. If a return is granted, Orange Boxx will issue a RMA from our shipping company and take care of the shipping for the replacement product to get to you. Once the defective item has been received at Orange Boxx, we will inspect the item to ensure it is defective. If the item has been altered or deemed defective due to installation error, an RMA will not be granted. If the return is deemed defective, a replacement product will be sent.

What if I order something in error?

In the event an item is ordered in error, the customer may return the new unused product at their expense. A return shipping charge will be applied (exact cost of shipping of incorrect order) before issuing a credit for the customer to order the correct item. A refund will not be granted on items ordered in error. In addition, if the item shows any wear, a refund will not be issued.

Processing and Updating Emails

After your order has been placed, please allow for a minimum of two weeks before your order will ship. Processing time at this moment is 2.5 weeks.Please allow 3-4 weeks during holiday season. There are other parts besides the PSD rack itself along with powder coating that goes with your order. We understand that you would like an email update on your order but in order to save Orange Boxx money and time, we only send emails with important updates such as if your order has been delayed or if your order has been shipped.

If your order hasn't shipped in two weeks, we will email you and let you know the status of your order (3-4 weeks during holidays). All custom orders please allow 6 to 8 weeks processing and 10 to 13 weeks on alll fold down order.

What is your custom ordering processing time?

We are a custom company that is why you came to us to start with. We have our own design and the basic design will not be changed. Meaning the holes and molle areas will not be change to suit what you want. We will only remove those if a design interferes with the over all design of the work being done to your PSD rack. We will put just about anything on your PSD rack. Give us the image and we will put it on your rack. We will not use someone else's design not unless you have gotten an ok from them to use said design. Once the order has been approved it normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to process your order. More colors you place with it longer it will take. Most projects lead times are 4 to 8 weeks. During the Covid-19 mess has increased those time to 8 to 13 weeks.

I want to Cancel my oder how do I go about doing that?

Before You Decide to Cancel an Order Custom orders before laser: If we are working on your design and you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, 15% fee will be applied to the total of your order. Custom orders After it is approved and at laser: If we have recieved your approval and the item has been sent to the laser and you wish to cancel, a 25% fee will be applied to the total of your order. We cannot stop the laser, once it has been cut, the order belongs to you regardless. Cancelling a regular order after it has been paid
If an order has been cancelled after it has been paid for, a 15% restocking fee will be applied. If the order has already been shipped, see section below under "Refunds." Out of stock items While our site says "in stock" for all of our items we are a "Custom Shop." We have some items that sell more than others so we try to keep some on hand. Be advised that we cannot stock all items on the website at all times.

I want a refund!

Refunds Orange Boxx Fabrication handles refunds on a case by case basis.If you want a refund we do not accept pakages from the customer not unless you have spoke to customer service first. Please email us at Customerservice will guide you through the process. All packages sent to us without a RMA will remain in package sent to us in . We will not open them nor contact you about the package without authrization from customer service.

How do I go about getting a replacement button for a fold down?

How to return a button that is broken to us. Please when contacting us for button replacement tell us a much information about how it came apart. We in turn report to the company that we get our buttons from how this happened. We want to build it better so we do not have these problems with our equipment. Please email us at We will issue a RMA after that information is received. Not before. Once RMA is issued and after the button is received by us we will send a replacement button to you for you to install. The buttons will hold 1500 PSI on one button so you can still use it while waiting on the replacement. These buttons are made in the USA and have a lifetime warrantee.

Color chart

What does SCC really mean?

These colors are stock colors we keep in stock at all times. This is to allow us a quicker turn around for our customers. 1 to 2 weeks is added to any custom or no custom cuts for the SCC color codes. This in turn adds a better price for the customer.

Matte Black

Matte Black (MB) we try really hard to keep this color on hand and parts in stock with this color. Depending on the time of the year or the prmotional that may be running we may be out of the part you ordered. This is one of the main reasons we allow 2 weeks processing on orders.

What does YCC Really mean?

YCC means Your Choice in Color but not metallic. This also means you get to choose 1 to 2 colors of 3000 plus colors listed on the ral color chart. This also means we have to order the color. Depending on color availability means time you have to wait on that color that wows your heart. We have no control over the color time. Some colors are a special mix to obtain the color So we have to add time to cover this. YCC can take 3 weeks to get in and 2 weeks to color coat. So you may be looking at 6 weeks before you get the shipping notice after your stock part. Cost of paint and shipping and taxes 21.50 is no refundable after order has been made with color from YCC color choice. Plus a 15% restocking fee with part order.

What does MCC really mean>

MCC means you are spending a lot of time waiting. If you have the time we have the color for you. These are special blends from prismatic powders. Metallic colors are the hardest color to powder coat. Sure you may hear that it is not but to the truth it is. We do not want to send you a color with all the pretties in one corner. This also takes time to make just perfect for you. It will add 4 to 6 weeks to your stock order. Once this color is ordered it is a non refundable cost. So if you cancel your order with us after you have ordered any metallic color it is non refundable. Cost of paint and shipping and taxes 24.50 is no refundable after order has been made with color from MCC color choice. Plus a 15% restocking fee with part order.

Nuts bolts

Why is the bolts rusting?

Bolts used in most of our products. We use black oxide bolts in all of our products, not unless it is said otherwise. These bolts have a high wear rating at 12.9 hardness. Stainless steel bolts have a low wear rating at grade 5. The higher the grade number or harness the better the longevity the blot is. The black oxide bolts come with an oily film and with time will wear off and start to rust on the head of the bolt exposed to weather. These bolts are not covered by us. IE painted or powder coated. These will crack under the tools used to install them. We leave them raw for you the end user to cover them in the color you want to use. Or you can clear coat them to keep them from rusting. If you want to use Stainless steel on your install we can provide you with the information to go buy the bolt you want for your installation. but we do recommend you to use the bolts provided. As always we look at every aspect from the bolts to what you strap onto your PSD panels from you trying to provide safety to you and yours while having your us at with bolts questions.

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