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Orange Fabrication does not accept returns unless an item is defective.

Our warranty Covers

Buttons on all Fold Down products. Please refer to our FAQ section under the Warranty questions on how to proceed.


Para-Cord. We warranty all of our paracord if it were to become unraveled or the length was not correct for the part it was sent out on.

Foot Pedal - If the foot pedal fails. Failure is defined as pressure applied under regular use, such as the weight of the person driving the vehicle.

Powder Coating: We cover 1 year after the time of purchase of the powder coating on our products. Customer will be responsible for shipping cost for all claims filed after 90 days of purchase. This only coverers manufacturing defects and does not cover damages due to improper use, misuse of product, defects due to cleaning, disassembling, modifying, or shipping. We also do not cover problems from normal wear and tear, abuse, fire, or acts of God. Please contact customer service for issues with powder.

Our Warranty Does NOT Cover

Defects due to shipping. Defects due to shipping will need to be processed differently. Please Refer to our FAQ section on how to proceed. 

Para-cord Breaking. We use all high quality 550 US made paracord. Each part has a weight limit on what it can handle. Please abide by the weight limit per each part. Going above that limit can result in paracord breaking or injury to your person. 

Foot Pedal -  Fitment, All foot pedals are made from the same jig, we do not warranty the fitment as the fitment is relied on the quality of your vehicle. Crash and wrecks can alter the alignment of the stock studs in your truck thus making our part not fit correctly. Our part is made to fit in a unmodified and undamaged vehicle. If you have a problem with fitting please reach out to customer service.

Powder Coating- We do not warranty powder coating on any products placed on the outside of your vehicle, IE Bumpers, roof racks, rock sliders, etc.

Defective -Warranty

In the event that an item is defective, a RMA (Return Authorization Agreement) must be granted prior to return. Any product that has been altered or deemed to be defective due to installation error will not be granted an authorization for return.

To report any problems or issues send us an email to

in subject line place your order number 



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