Orange Fabrication does not accept returns unless an item is defective.

Defective -Warranty

In the event that an item is defective, a RMA (Return Authorization Agreement) must be granted prior to return. Any product that has been altered or deemed to be defective due to installation error will not be granted an authorization for return.


Areas excluded:

Powder coating, bolts, or any product that has been altered.


To request a return authorization, please email support@orangeboxxfab.com. In order for us to process your request, please include photos and/or video of the defective product including the area that is defective as well as the front product label and the top of the box and shipping label. If a return is granted, Orange Boxx will issue a RMA from UPS and take care of the shipping for the replacement product to get to you. Once the defective item has been received at Orange Boxx, we will inspect the item to ensure it is defective. If the item has been altered or deemed defective due to installation error, an RMA will not be granted. If the return is deemed defective, a replacement product will be sent.

 Products Ordered in Error

In the event an item is ordered in error, the customer may return the new unused product at their expense. A return shipping charge will be applied  (exact cost of shipping of incorrect order) before issuing a credit for the customer to order the correct item. A refund will not be granted on items ordered in error. In addition, if the item shows any wear, a refund will not be issued.


Like so many other companies the status of the world has of course affected us. YES we are still up and running and have no intentions of stopping. But due to things our normally small crew of workers has drastically depleted due to many different reasons. We currently are down to only 2 people working on a regular basis. We are shipping out orders as fast as we can but we are limited by the hours in the day of what we can get done. So to help us spend more time in the shop shipping out orders we are asking our customers to do us a favor.

When you make your order you will received a confirmation email with your order number and detail of your order. The next email your receive (excluding emails about custom orders) will be with a tracking number. Nothing else will happen between those two emails other than our busy bees working on getting things done.  Please understand that paying for 2 day shipping is not paying for faster processing time. That extra money goes straight to the shipping company.

We send out orders in the way they come in trying our best not to put someone in front of someone else just because they email us every other day for a status update.

But most important we hope that everyone stays safe on.. and off the trails.


Processing and Updating Emails


After your order has been placed, please allow for a minimum of two weeks before your order will ship. Please allow 3-4 weeks during holiday season. There are other parts besides the PSD rack itself along with powder coating that goes with your order.


We understand that you would like an email update on your order but in order to save Orange Boxx money and time, we only send emails with important updates such as if your order has been delayed or if your order has been shipped.

If your order hasn't shipped in two weeks, we will email you and let you know the

status of your order (3-4 weeks during holidays).


Custom order processing

We are a custom company that is why you came to us to start with. We have our own design and the basic design will not be changed. Meaning the holes and molle areas will not be change to suit what you want. We will only remove those if a design interferes with the over all design of the work being done to your PSD rack. We will put just about anything on your PSD rack. Give us the image and we will put it on your rack. We will not use someone else's design not unless you have gotten an ok from them to use said design. Once the order has been approved it normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to process your order. More colors you place with it longer it will take. 

Most projects lead times are 4 to 8 weeks. During the Covid-19 mess has increased those time to 8 to 13 weeks.

Custom Design process

We will draw out your design 3 times and send you a proof to approve.

On the 4thn proof there will be a $25.00 charge thereafter to each proof. 

We are not held responsible for incorrect measurements supplied by the customer.

We will send a detailed dimensioned drawing for all custom racks.

This is for you as the customer to check your dimensions.

Once the drawing is approved, it is set in que for laser processing.

See below for other details.

Before You Decide to Cancel an Order

Custom orders before laser:

If we are working on your design and you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, 15% fee will be applied to the total of your order.

Custom orders After it is approved and at laser:

If we have recieved your approval and the item has been sent to the laser and you wish to cancel, a 25% fee will be applied to the total of your order.  We cannot stop the laser, once it has been cut, the order belongs to you regardless.

Cancelling a regular order after it has been paid
If an order has been cancelled after it has been paid for, a 15% restocking fee will be applied.  If the order has already been shipped, see section below under "Refunds."

Out of stock items

While our site says "in stock" for all of our items we are a "Custom Shop." 

We have some items that sell more than others so we try to keep some on hand.

Be advised that we cannot stock all items on the website at all times.

Reproduction and Copy Terms

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document, you are also agreeing not to reproduce or copy any part or product made by OBDF. LLC DBA Orange Boxx Fab or Orange Boxx Fabrication.

Doing so can be publishable by a court of law.


Orange Boxx Fabrication handles refunds on a case by case basis.

Customer Support


Orange Boxx Fabrication Company Motto


Do not expect anything original from an ECHO. We do not imitate we innovate.






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