Cut out Letters or Logos: This means that your Letter or Logo will cut all the way out leaving behind a void in the material . Our Artist has been working on this type of artwork for over 20 years. They are well versed in making the product beautiful.

Embedded Letters or Logos: This means that your letter or logo will be cut from another metal to add another dimension to your part. This can be either from another thickness to another color. We can come very close to your logo in this type of embedding layers of steel or acrylics. You can rest assured that anything you have received from us will be far superior than what others in your group have that have not ordered from us yet.


Your Help In This Process

We are determined to make your custom PSD stand out in a crowd. If you see a design you like before, order it. We have that program on hand for future orders. If you don't see a design we offer, send it to us!  I assure you you will not be disappointed. All of our custom orders are signed off by the customer before the cutting process begins.

Cut out LLCO
Embedded  LLEM
embedded letter.jpg
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