Land Cruiser 100 & LX470

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The Land Cruiser and LX470 are suffering from no storage area in the back for both on and off road critical gear. We know all you soccer moms out there share your LX with your husband and need space to. Or You are the all time driver of your SUV. We all need to store things in the same place so we know where it is in the time of need. (Critical Gear) !

The Rear area between these 2 vehicles are a bit of differences in the years. One has both downward facing rear handles and one has both outward and downward handles. Look at your SUV (offroader) before ordering.

  • Powder coating is included in Matte Black
  • We offer these in custom colors. We do not all want it in blck right ? Follow link to give us the Ral number you want.
  • These racks will hold 25 LBS in storage weight
  • All brackets are in black. We do not change the color of the brackets.
  • Come in no drilling mounting and for heavy duty use 40 LBS or better to 75 LBS. Extra charge

Instructions for install

These are presented to you after you have made your order for download. Please do so at that time. we do not ship instructions with order. It is a waste of paper. We are a GREEN company. If you missed that window after payment and conformation page. Simply sign in to the website with the email you used for your order.

Outward handle

Downward handle

*** Attention *** When ordering Custom parts (LLCO,LLEM or Colors) This increases production times. If it is just a color it goes from 1-2 weeks to 3 weeks. Special cuts (LLCO) or inlays (LLEM) this will increase it to 6 to 8 weeks.

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