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High Clearance Dual Swing Rear Bumper

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Product Details
Brand: LFD
Requires drilling?: GX460

A rugged, tough, dual swing bumper designed with actual field use in mind! The highest clearance rear bumper currently available on the market today!

LFD has designed their rear bumpers with one goal in the forefront: to be able to stand up to the rigors of actual off road use.

LFD knows things happen in the field - People get stuck, bumpers are used to pull vehicles from mud aggressively, bumpers get backed into things, maybe have a tree rolled underneath them a few times... hey, stuff happens.

We've included 3/4" recovery points, but they're not just surface welded - they protrude through the bumper, and are welded on the front and on the inside, and have multiple contact surfaces on the inside of the bumper. Access holes for Hi-Lift jacks are also standard to help with easy and safe Hi-Lift jack use.

Easy to use locking handles help keep the arms in place when opened, and 2,000 pound rated Destaco clamps keep the arms securely closed.

Swing arms are available with the tire on the Driver's Side or the Passenger side. The accessory arm comes standard with bolt patterns for RotoPax. LFD offers a Hi-Lift Mount, a combination Hi-Lift and Maxtrax mount, and single or dual Jerry Can mounts that bolt directly to the accessory swing arm as well.

Available either raw or powder coated black.

6-8 week lead time on new orders. Shipping is via Freight only.

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