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GX470 & Prado 120 Barrier only

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Product Details
Lexus: GX470 Rear door 2002-2009

This listing is for the folding dog barrier ONLY. This WILL NOT work without the Orange Boxx Attic Storage System

The GX470/Prado 120 has a lot of room in the rear behind the second row of seats for you to have more storage overhead. We have tried to utilize all of that space like we do with all of our products. Our attic storage offers you an option that no other attic has before, a folding dog barrier. We figured out a way to allow you to fold your dog barrier back up into the ceiling when not in use.

***Pictures have other Orange Boxx PSD installed which are not included in this listing**

If you attic storage system please check out the listing for that option. The folding dog barrier is designed to be added on later or removed if not wanted. As always our equipment is in powder matte black free or you can change the colors. You can pick your color here.

**The Orange Boxx on the folding barrier WILL NOT be removed**

All mounting hardware is included with the system.
The folding dog barrier part has our PSD molle enlarged and fist mount holes in it for added under storage. We did not add them in the center to give you an unobstructed view out the rear of your GX470/Prado 120.

Unique push button latching system with 4 different color choices. (Red, Blue, Silver, Black) Life time guarantee. You break it send it back for full replacement.

How much does it hang down?

In the center from ceiling attic storage: 5.250

In the center from ceiling attic storage with Barrier: 6.500

Instructions for install

Instructions LINK will work only after a paid order for 2 years. If you have any issues please contact customer service,

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