GX460 & Prado 150 Rear Door Fold down

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GX460 & Prado 150 Rear cargo door fold down

Our Fold Down can be completely customized . You do not have to go with a plain black no tab PSD if you do not want to. We offer free custom color from standard black to having it down in two different colors. The top tab comes with the option of up to 20 character/letters cut out to say anything you want. Or you can have a silhouette cut along the top. The paracord that holds up the table can be done in any color you wish. Our unique button lacking system even comes in 4 different color options. When we say customize we mean it. This is show with a stainless steel table (option) and Gate customized (option)

Lexus Interior Colors
Matte Black
Tan #Taupe
Gray RAL# 7011

Red RAL# 3009

  • 1 tab or silhouette included in pricing.
  • Can be ordered with a center image.
  • Panels are CNC laser cut with the distinctive Molle / Fist pattern works with standard NATO Molle patterned bags and pouches to add a variety of storage and organization options to your vehicle.
  • Unique button latching system with 4 different color choices. (Red, Blue, Silver, Black) Life time guarantee. You break it send it back for full replacement.
  • Paracord choices

Cutting Board Options

  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel color backing
  • Wood cutting board
  • HDPE (food grade)
  • This rack sticks out from rear door panel 1.875"

Instructions for install

These are presented to you after you have made your order for download. Please do so at that time. we do not ship instructions with order. It is a waste of paper. We are a GREEN company. If you missed that window after payment and conformation page. Simply sign in to the website with the email you used for your order.

**** ATTENTION ****

This is a full custom part. It will take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete and ship

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