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Fair lead cover

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Product Details
Brand: Orange Boxx Fabrication
Made in the: USA
Area for part: Front Bumper
Requires drilling?: No

You have saved you cash for months to buy that off road bumper. You have in stalled it now you have to save for that Wench and the shocks coil-overs to carry the extra weight. Yes you have a pretty nice rig now and a sweet fair lead to place on it. Do you know just how easy it is to steal that fair lead you paid for? two bolts and it belongs to someone else. GONE!!!

With this cover to cover the hole. Save the heart aches from happening.

Base plate is your color plate please go to this page to pick your color.

The letter plate can be changed to say What ever you want in 10 letters. The colors are endless. Express yourself on the front of your vehicle.

Both layers are powder coated to last .

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