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This iconic off road over landing truck has been around for many years. It out dates many over its own in the years that it has serviced many. It has to be at least 25 year old to import into the US. But all this did not stop us from getting our hands on one to give you all this.

This fold down is the full width of the rear door panel. Once closed it sticks out into the cabin 2.125"

All our panels are USA Made. All Panels accepts Rivnuts. All panels are powder coated.

The Land Rover Defender has been known not to have enough storage. How to keep things organized while traveling on and off road. The Hybrid was built for Customers that did not want a huge folding table on the rear door. Still offering all the rear door for storage. This fold down sits off back door 2.00 at the bottom into the cabin when door is closed.

We use only Grade 8 hardware in the bolts in the construction of the fold down. These are Carbon Alloy Steel no coating.

Our Land Rover Defender 110 fold down is completely custom. If color is used we allow you to mix match colors both on base of unit and the molle gate. Black is not our standard here. Our color chart has 23 colors we keep in stock. If they do not catch your eye you can choose over 3000 colors. The top tab comes with the option of up to 15 character/letters cut out to say anything you want. Or you can have a silhouette cut along the top. Remove the tab altogether. The para-cord that holds up the table can be done in any color you wish. .

The Table is not meant to sit on. Max weight 100 LBS. Do not stand on fold down.

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When we say customize we mean it.

The top tab

  • Not tab -Means just that no letters no silhouette cut.
  • LLCO- Means Letter or silhouette cutouts
  • LLEM- Means Letter or logo silhouette cutout and replaced with color backing or Embedded color parts.

Mid Section of Fold down ( where you see the Defender front end)

  • Leave it as is with the Land rover in it. (included in price)
  • This can be replace with a silhouette cutout (LLCO). This is the area where we reduce the weight hanging on the back door. (included in price)
  • Embedded layers of 16ga Metal to create a scene in this area. Extra cost not listed in option apply to this. Cost is based on colors and layers in this area.

The Colors for the Fold down is listed on this page. All colors in the SCC section of this page is paid for in your order. YCC colors are in the options page along with the extra cost. MCC colors are not allowed on this product.

So how can we customize the Land Rover Defender fold down for you? Need ideas? Have a look at our Instagram feed #orangeboxxfab for ideas. Or just email us and our design team.

  • Unique button latching system with 5 different color choices. (Red, Blue, Silver, Black and Orange) Life time guarantee. You break it send it back for full replacement.

Paracord choices,

Solid Color,

Multi Color

Camo Color/Pattern


All colors and patterns of USA Made 550 paracord

Table Top choices are

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Wood cutting board. These are made with Maple, walnut, cherry and japele

Once order is made. Our Design team is on the spot to get you started on your design.

The fold down is a made to order unit. We keep most all components in stock. But the base and gate parts are made to order. There is a 8-13 week lead time on these. All mounting hardware included.

Elaborate Custom Designs

Our set prices for customizing on your rack includes the cost of material, paint, etc., taking into consideration about 2 hours of programming time and 3 simple design changes. Simple design changes include things such as spacing of letters, sizing of image/letters, or movement on the rack. Any major changes such as a different image/phrase or elaborate logos (such as tribal images) will result in extra cost.

Extra cost will depend on the complexity of the design. For example, any tribal type of design is on average an extra $200.00. While this sounds like a lot such an image takes about 6 hours of programming and extra time to cut out on a laser.

We will NOT be accepting any DXF or Vector art from others. Those files will do us no good as they are not made within our own parameters and would have to be completely redone. If you are wanting to use someone else's logo we will require written proof from the owner of that design to use it on our racks.

Before any custom part is cut it will require an email verification saying you "approve" of the design. Approvals will not be accept via phone or other platforms to help reduce the risk of confusion. Once approval is given the time for the part to get done will start. So if you are told your part will take X amount of weeks that time starts the day of approval not the day of order.

Instructions for install

Instructions LINK will work only after a paid order for 2 years. If you have any issues please contact customer service,

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