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Product Details
Brand: Orange Boxx Fabrication
Made in the: USA
Area for part: All of our molle parts
Requires drilling?: No

Amps and Ram mounts. Used for mounting your GPS, Phone and tablet to your Vehicle. But how are you going about mounting them? Do you have one of our Molle racks on your dash or mounted elsewhere? We have the solution. This spacer will come with all mounting hardware to mount the ball plate to the molle rack. This will solve the question of how to get it to fit. All nuts bolts, washers and spacer plates in this kit. This does not include the ball mount nor the AMPS or Ram kit. This does not include any accessories mounted to adaptor. This is for adaptor only. This will fit our racks only.

High density PLA 3D printed.

  • This can be attached to any PSD rack we have sold.

These are a limited run part there is only 50 of them in stock. Patient pending part.

Instructions for install

Instructions LINK will work only after a paid order for 2 years. If you have any issues please contact customer service,

Company phone number (336) 804-0571 M-F 9am-5pm Eastern

Email us at

Picture may not 100% match of the product you receive.

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