Paying it forward in 2020

 You know that person that is always helping out anyone in need. Stopping to help that car on the side of the road with someone stranded. For the last few years we have been searching out for these people to give them a little helping hand when they need it. But this year we want your help. We will be giving away our stuff for FREE to those good samaritans.


The only trick. You can't nominate yourself. This is all about paying it forward. Got a buddy or know of someone that you think could use some love. Just email us with why you think they are amazing. Tell us what makes them a good samaritan. 

For example: One good samaritan we found was a firefighter. Someone that lived their life to help others. Until one day their truck was broken into and trashed. We felt it was time someone gave them somthing to remind them that all the good they did, did not go unnoticed and to not let those few bad eggs to spoil their amazing spirt.


We will consider every email and pick out someone every once in while to randomly pay it forward. 
To play the game just email us at

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