Fold Down Style Page


When Ordering one of our Fj Cruiser Fold Downs you have different Style Options.

This is the part of the fold down that stays against the door of your truck. When the gate/table is folded down you will be able to see this part of your rack. Theses Style Options will be the same for all types of Fj Cruiser Fold Downs. For the Full Fj Fold Down the "Orange Boxx" Logo at the bottom will not be removed for any amount or fee. It is standard and will not be taken off.

With ALL of the options the "FJ CRUISER" across the top can be changed to a different Word/words up to 15 letters or a silhouette image for no extra fee.

If you want to change a no tab there is an extra fee you can find under the options on the order form.

                              are considered our standard options and will not be an extra fee. These will not be edited. Any edits will be considered custom.

               Letter Logo Cut out. This will be a custom image that will cut out. The cut out image will be in the same part as your fold down back and will thus be colored the same. It cannot be a second color. The center of the rack CAN NOT be blank.

               Letter Logo Cut Out With Backing Plate. This will be the same as Style D but will have a flat backing plate behind the image. The backing plate can have up to 2 different colors on it. Extra colors will fall under our Elaborate Design and pricing will be calculated on an per order bases. The center of the rack CAN NOT be blank

               Letter Logo Embedded. This will be like Style D, letter logo cut out, but instead of an empty space where the image is there will be parts embedded in the rack attached by a backing plate behind the image. The Center of the rack CAN NOT be blank.

For all Custom orders we will keep in contact with your Via Email ONLY. We will answer questions over the phone but all details discussed will be written in an email following the conversation and will need an answering email verify all the details. Your order cannot go forward without a written email approval.

Elaborate Custom Designs

Our set prices for customizing on your rack includes the cost of material, paint, etc., taking into consideration about 2 hours of programming time and 3 simple design changes. Simple design changes include things such as spacing of letters, sizing of image/letters, or movement on the rack. Any major changes such as a different image/phrase or elaborate logos (such as tribal images) will result in extra cost.

Extra cost will depend on the complexity of the design. For example, any tribal type of design is on average an extra $200.00. While this sounds like a lot such an image takes about 6 hours of programming and extra time to cut out on a laser.

We will NOT be accepting any DXF or Vector art from others. Those files will do us no good as they are not made within our own parameters and would have to be completely redone. If you are wanting to use someone else's logo we will require written proof from the owner of that design to use it on our racks.

So if you are told your part will take X amount of weeks that time starts the day of approval not the day of order.

Please see Terms and Conditions for further questions.

Once your order has been made. We will only hold order over for 3 Months. Once we have reached the 3 month mark. Any cad work will be charged at 25.00 hr. rate A refund will be issued for the remainder.

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