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All of us love getting offroad and enjoying the outdoors. From time to time you see a company come about that wants to help you on the journey. We all like to gear our vehicles to take on whatever we come across or just to help others. ​Some of us have mall crawlers that are decked out to look like the monster off roaders. Some of us just like the cool stuff we make. Some of you out there have a tear drop that sports our new line. 


​Here at Orange Boxx Fabrication ​we like to help you along your journey. You have found our discount page. Thank you for reading through our website. Your PSD system journey starts here. Our designers are just like you in making the world a better place with you the driver or passenger in mind. From our minds to your vehicle or tear drop. Our storage solutions come as plain as you can get to the wildest side in mind with your art work or words to say just what you want them to say.


Yes sure we will ship you matte black which we keep in stock. Or choose from 3000 colors plus in powder coating.​ Order our Para cord handles for your rig with 5000 colors to choose from in just about any combination you can think of. When we say we love the challenge we mean it.


​Starting October 31st 2019 we opened up the Cool Kids club to all our customers. Listed below will be a code for 15% off all the time. All customers that has found this page will be able to use the code. Once you have made one order you will be moved from general customer to a Cool Kids Customer. The Cool Kids Club customer will recieve 5% more without a code on all orders. The web site now uses your Email that you used on the first order to track every order. This allows Orange Boxx Fabrication to give our customers the very best we can give.​



is the code. You have to enter this code at check out to recieve it.​



Thank you for supporting us on our journey.


The picture at the top of this page is a customer submitted photo. They have recieved their 25% off their next purchase. We will rotate this picture every month. Please submit your photo to to get into the running for this.  When submitting your photo give the following information.

Name of the photographer:

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Email us if you do not see this discount at checkout. You may be signed up on the site but not in the 5% off Cool Kids club. discount.

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