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Cool kids club group break down


Cool Kid Club​


Cool Kids Club subscription gets special offers through emailing campaigns generated through emailing contacts list. You are asked during checkout to join this group and to accept the emails from us.

When you accept this it places your subscription in our cool kids club.  Your automatic discount rate is ​8​%. During the year we may offer the Cool Kids subscriber more of a percentage rate on certain sales codes. The 8% discount code is happens after you enter the club. The % varies throughout the year based on sales. It will never fall below 8%. This club is an automatic discount with a sign in of the last order made email at checkout. We will send emails from our campaigns, for other discount codes through the year you can use with your automatic discounts. ​You have to be signed into the website to get this automictic discount. Upper right of all pages.


​Cool Kids Zero 

Welcome to Orange Boxx! You have not made an order as of yet. You have signed up to our webpage or You have an abandoned cart with us. Your email address was placed into the Cool Kids Zero club. Use other codes to increase your discount base. They can be found on this page or in advertisements. This group carries an automatic 5% off any item. You have to be signed into the website to get this automictic discount. Upper right of all pages. Or lower right if on the ordering page.

Cool Kids non subscriber

There are no automatic discount codes for this group. You have opted out of receiving our newsletters.


You can use a current sale code instead to save more. If you have missed a code you have 12 hours after the order to email us for us to give you store credit for any code missed.

If you have any questions about this layout please contact us at

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