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Code PUDDLE for 5% off orders under 200.00

Code DIRTY for 10% off orders over 200.00

Code MUDDY for 15% off orders over 400.00

Sign up for a Cool Kids Club Account accepting the promotional emails. Get started earning reward points to get even better deals on all Orange Boxx Gear to keep your vehicle organized.


Ways to Earn Cool Kids Reward Points:


Create A Cool Kids Reward Account - Upper right corner of website. Accept promotional emails for extra 5% off with any other coupon used. (You must sign in to the website before ordering)

If  you do not accept the promotional emails your discount is reduced to 2.5%. You can still couple your coupons with this discount.


Complete your Cool Kids Profile - Follow this link 

Follow us on Instagram - orangeboxxfab

Leave a Review - Follow this link 

Points on your birthday - Follow this link 

Refer a Friend (when they buy using their referral discount) -Follow this link 


Earn 1 point for every $1.00 you spend. No Minimum purchase is required to earn points.



Rewards will be added for special occasions or for holidays. The following rewards are our standards that will always be available for the Cool Kids Program.


  • At 300 points you will get $15 off coupon 

  • At 500 points you will get $25 off coupon . You must spend at least 100.00 for this coupon to work.

  • At 750 points you can get .Free shipping off orders of $400.00 min. Up to 200.00 in shipping cost.

  • At 1000 points you will get $75 off coupon. You must spend at least 150.00 for this coupon to work.


 Join our mailing list. Accept the promo emailing list. Get exclusive offers only availed to that list.

How to View your current Point Total


Please note: You can only login and use points on one emails address. You cannot combine or

transfer points from one email to another. To redeem points remember to log into your

Cool Kids Account.


Redeeming Points:

 Pull up your cool kids account look under rewards. In there you will find your coupons. Fill your cart with all the Orange Boxx Goodies. Since you have ordered from us before to get in the Cool Kids you get 5% off from the website. Then use your copon code it gives you from your account. Those points will be removed from your account using the code it gives you. But with your purchase you are replacing some if not all of them.

Points for sharing on social media


The website will automatically add points to your account when you share our post if your social media account and Cool Kids Reward Account are under the same email. If you do not see the points added to your account please email customer service with a link of your shared post. cs.orangeboxxfab@gmail.com

Build your discount with us.


As someof you may think this part of out website is a joke. We do not see it that way. We offer you 15% coupon year round, all you have to do is use it. Your first order with us places you into the cool kids club.  That is a instant 5% off on all orders. now that 15% is 20 %.  Write us a google review. Here https://orange-boxx-fab.business.site/?hl=en#testimonials   Leave your order number with the review. now that 20% is 25.5%. Build to what percentage you want to grab your next PSD on.  We are coming out with new parts monthly. It may or may not be on your vehicle but tell your buddy that what type offers we give you. That builds your reward points.

Cool kids club group break down


Cool Kid Club​


Cool Kids Club subscription gets special offers through emailing campaigns generated through emailing contacts list. You are asked during checkout to join this group and to accept the emails from us.

When you accept this it places your subscription in our cool kids club.  Your automatic discount rate is ​10​% it will never fall below that. During the year we may offer the Cool Kids subscriber more of a percentage rate on certain sales codes. It will return back to ​10​% after that sale ends.​ Thi comes with at least one purchase through our website. ​


​Cool Kids Zero 

This group is designed as a base group subscription. Here is where you have entered in the above ways to our website. But you have not made a purchase with us. Your automatic discount rate is 5%​. It will never change. When you make a purchase your group is monitored daily to pick up anyone that has entered the full Cool Kids club. After that purchase you will be moved.

Cool Kids non subscriber

Once a subscriber removes themselves from the emailing contact list you are out. There will be no trying to get back in and manipulating the system to get codes without getting the emails. You cannot subscribe​ again​ to receive codes at a higher percentage. This is a group called Cool Kids with a non subscriber contact list on our website's internal system.  In the Cool Kids with non subscribers you have a base percentage of ​1.5% it will never change.


All 3 of these groups ae automatic groups. This means at checkout you do no have to use a group code. to get the percentage iisted fo that group. You can use a current code that we have with a group. If you have missed a code you have 12 hours after the order to email us for us to give you store credit for any code missed.

If you have any questions about this layout please contact us at cs.orangeboxxfab@gmail.com


Spooky month

This has been one helluva spooky year, for us and everyone else that has been out and about.

Do not let your next overlanding bring any spooky moments that our Rack systems could have saved you from.

SPOOKY15 is 15% off

starting October 15th and running

till October 18th midnight in your time zone.

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